International Appointments

With thirty years of international experience, OnCourse Golf has a worldwide network of managers and executive search companies who are constantly looking to place experienced club managers from America, Europe, and the Far East.
We specialize in placing dynamic and commercially minded managers in international positions outside of the United States and enjoy a strategic partnership with Master Club Advisors, the foremast executive search company in America.
As a manager you can join our data base of professionals who are looking to expand and diversify their experience overseas. We will contact you regarding any vacant position which comes to our attention, or consider you for any position which we are specifically hired to fill.
Just contact us and provide us with a current CV.

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Operational Audits

Not making the kind of profit you should be?
Worried about escalating costs?

OnCourse Golf will carry out an Operational Audit which will include an assessment of the efficiency and appropriateness of an operation based on various criteria such a management structure, management performance, staffing levels, maintenance regimes, menu pricing, operating efficiencies, and so on.

An operational audit carried out by OnCourse Golf will be unbiased, factual, and most important - discrete. It will also be carried out in an amicable manner and will be non-intrusive to the operation. At the end of an Operational Audit, we will, in addition to supplying you with a fully detailed analysis and report - the Operational Audit Report - prepare an Operational Reorganization Plan which will assist the Board, owner, or management in carrying out some or all of the recommendations included in the Operational Audit Report.

In the modern era, golf and leisure clubs are looking to increase their profitability without compromising the interests of their members, or their legal and tax status - something that the partners of OnCourse Golf have being doing successfully for the past 35 years.

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Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

OnCourse Golf's experience in new developments and operations makes us almost uniquely qualified to undertake feasibility studies - whether for a new development, or for a re-development, especially in the UAE and GCC States.

Feasibility studies carried out by OnCourse Golf are based on a long list of criteria critical to the success of a new or redeveloped operation - including site potential, marketability, construction costs, accessibility and operating forecasts.

Financial Planning is considered an essential part of any feasibility study whether for a new development, as part of medium or long term strategic planning, or as an element of the acquisition or redevelopment process, and might include investment and development budgets, operating forecasts, cash flow forecasts and capital expenditure budgets.

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Pre-opening Technical Services

OnCourse Golf's managing partner Rod Bogg has provided pre-opening technical services to several prestigious golf clubs, including many of those in the UAE and other GCC countries.

Those services range from the initial feasibility study, through design, tender, construction and the opening of the club and its first few months of management.

Pre-opening technical services can be as involved and as comprehensive as a client wishes, and in all cases we will structure our services to the club's requirements.
It may be a simple critique of the course and clubhouse designs, or advice on food & beverage concepts. It may extend to recruitment and procurement, to management systems and IT, or it may just be advice on membership or business marketing.

It may start at the beginning and involve the appointment of a course designer and a clubhouse designer, and in the case of a commercial operation, it may include international marketing - a specialty of Rod Bogg, who was integral to the establishment of Dubai as a golf tourism destination.
The things that professional pre-opening technical services will ensure:

  • Pre-qualified course and clubhouse designers
  • Efficient construction
  • Maintenance efficient design
  • User-friendliness
  • Recruitment of properly experienced and qualified management
  • Best practice management systems
  • Proven IT systems
  • Suitable and profitable food and beverage outlets
  • Successful marketing & membership sales
  • Value procurement

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Strategic & Financial Studies

The need for strategic and financial planning may be obvious to a commercial owner, board member, or professional club manager, but for many clubs strategy and financial planning are things for the business world.

Unfortunately in today's financial world golf and leisure clubs need to think more commercially if they are to survive.
How to do this without compromising the club's values, the comfort of the Club's members, and possibly the club's legal and tax status, is a vexing exercise.

OnCourse Golf will bring its worldwide experience of commercial and members clubs to the table in helping management to prepare a suitable Strategic Plan, either through a strategic and financial study of the operation, or by moderating a planning session for management and/or the Board.

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Marketing Studies & Planning

Often confused with sales, marketing requires proper research and planning to ensure that the right people are approached in the right way, whether through advertising, representation, attendance at trade fairs, or even through word of mouth.

The manner in which a club is projected creates a critical first impression to a new client, and reinforces its reputation with existing customers.

Even in the local or national market it is essential to understand the needs and aspirations of your potential customers before you can market to them in a manner which appeals, and that's where research and market studies apply. Equally important is to know who your customers are and where they come from so that you can market accurately.

On the international side, having been involved in the highly successful marketing of several clubs in Dubai (now recognised by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) as a leading golf destination) we have access to a worldwide network of golf tour operators and the entire international golfing community.

Once you know your customers and where they are you can prepare a marketing program, and once again OnCourse Golf is here to help with expert advice, and an associate design team experienced in golf marketing eager to assist.

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Membership Marketing

In today's financial world membership is essential to any golf or leisure club's success, not only financially, but also in developing the character of a club.
And that applies to commercial operations as well as the more traditional members' club.
For resort developments, especially those in more volatile regions of the world, a healthy membership will bring 'bread-and-butter' revenues at times of low season or the occasional crisis.
For members' clubs a full quota of active members not only provides financial success, but also creates the life and soul of the club.
OnCourse Golf 's experience of operating both members' clubs and resort operations enables it to provide specific advice on how to ensure a full membership at both, and for the resort development, how to balance membership with public accessibility, or pay-and-play golf.

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Brand Development

What do the most successful companies in the world have in common?
Answer - a strong brand.

Whether it's the name, the logo, or a catch-line, there's something about that company that you always remember.
Why should it be any different in golf? Everyone recognizes the Augusta logo, and likes to be seen wearing it on a shirt or hat, just to prove they've been there.

Why shouldn't it be the same for your club?
For resort operations in particular the importance of an attractive name and logo cannot be over emphasized, especially when it comes to selling pro-shop merchandise like shirts, hats and gloves, even golf balls.

Let us and our associate brand design company help you to increase your sales and make your club recognizable wherever your shirts, hats and gloves are worn, where your pitch-mark repairers and ball markers are used, and where your name is instantly recognized.
Whether it's a new image, or a modernization of an existing logo, we are here to help.

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Development Planning & Management

Development Planning & Management - in the case of a new development OnCourse Golf will bring its local and worldwide experience of developing new operations - from design to construction, from opening to operating, - and will advise and actively assist in the entire planning and implementation process, or will assist in any particular element thereof with which a client may require help or advice. Redevelopment - at some point in time most clubs decide to redevelop the golf course, the clubhouse, the recreation facilities, or a combination thereof. OnCourse Golf will advise on such a redevelopment, again based on the client's wishes but using its vast experience to advise on modern trends and future prospects, and will help to kick start the process through its network of designers and consultants.

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Tournament & Event Planning & Organization

Whether it's a major tour golf competition or a gala dinner for 5,000 people OnCourse Golf can bring its 20+ year's experience of working on the Dubai Desert Classic and arranging some of the biggest social events in the region, to the table.

The Dubai Desert Classic has become one of the foremost tournaments on the European Tour and its list of winners can only be rivalled by the Majors and a handful of other tour events.
Away from golf social events can be major money spinners - celebrity dinners, product launches, concerts, charity events, all bring esteem and valuable dollars to venue.

OnCourse Golf's experience with the Dubai Desert Classic and its hosting of events like the Dubai Air Show Gala Dinner - a black-tie dinner for 5,000 people with live cooking and international artistes like Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder – and our alliance with many of the top local event organisers, is almost unique and could help you to make your event a success, both as a spectacle and financially. Full details of OnCourse Golf's services related to corporate and society golf days can be found in the pages dedicated to golf days.

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