Invitations and Awareness

So many golf days are spoiled by lack of response to invitations, no-shows, and in some cases lack of communication about exactly what the day is all about and how much fun it promises to be.

OnCourse Golf will send out invitations and monitor returns, ensuring that follow-ups happen in a timely manner.

A full information pack will go with every invitation, whether by e-mail or by physical means, to make sure that no-one misses out or doesn't understand the format, timing, and extent of the day's entertainment.

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Branding, Advertising and Signage

There are numerous ways to create awareness of your company, society or charity, or the reason for your golf day. Many of these are related to printed or on-line material, and include any or all of the following:

Format Sheets
Tee Signs
Pin Flags
Roadside Flags
Advertising Boards

OnCourseGolf will procure any or all of the above as part of its management of your golf day, and will ensure that your golf day material is not only of suitable quality, but is supplied at a fair price.

OnCourse Golf, through its association with Dubai Golf Publishing, can design and arrange all or any of the above at extremely competitive prices.

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Golf Merchandise
Nothing creates a better impression than a welcoming or farewell gift - at the same time creating yet another way of advertising your company, society or charity.

OnCourse Golf enjoys an excellent relationship with the various golf merchandise suppliers and will negotiate the best deal and most attractive clothing, gifts and prizes on your behalf.

From shirts to hats, from belts to shoe-bags, all can be procured in any material or colour at prices well below normal retail levels, and nothing creates a better first impression, or raises the expectations of a guest, than a gift on arrival, whether a shirt, a hat, or a company give-away.

OnCourse Golf can arrange customised and personalised products from the following range.

Sports Bags
Golf Balls
Gift Packs

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Few things create a better impression, or make a golf day more worth winning and enjoyable than desirable and attractive prizes.

On course will be happy to arrange your prizes after a brief discussion about budget and your requirements. Prizes may consist of golf equipment, crystal or silver trophies, sporting artwork or memorabilia, holidays or travel, pro-shop gift vouchers, or, of course, your own company merchandise.

OnCourse Golf has excellent relationships with a whole range of suppliers of prizes and personalized merchandise and will ensure that the prizes match the prestige of the golf day.

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Golf Clinics
Nothing gets a golf day away better than a short clinic before a shotgun start.

Every one of the UAE golf clubs offers excellence in golfing tuition, and provides the opportunity for a golf day host to give guests a special golfing clinic prior to or after the golf itself, especially when the golf has a shotgun start.

Usually held on the driving range before the golf begins, a golf clinic can be both entertaining and informative, and gets the day off to a highly entertaining start.

The golf professionals at every club will create a clinic that is suitable for any standard of golfer, and will make every guest's day just that little bit more beneficial as well as enjoyable.

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Great food and excellent service are the hallmark of every golf club in the UAE.

The importance of catering is often overlooked when organising a golf day. On Course Golf has extensive experience in the catering business, most of which is related to golf and golf days. With forty years of accumulative experience of organizing golf days and general golf club catering, no-one is better qualified to ensure that your catering requirements are exactly to your taste, and reflect well on the host.

Depending on the timing and extent of your golf day, OnCourse Golf will be delighted to suggest and provide any of the following through the home club.

Gala Dinner

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An element of entertainment after golf can add something extra - and special - to any golf day.

Through our affiliate companies Emirates Entertainment, Gulf Arena or Nomad Events, OnCourse Golf can arrange any kind of entertainment to add that extra bit of quality - and fun - to your golf day. From music to magicians, from bands to buskers - the list is endless.

All will be geared to your event and to your clientele, to ensure that everyone leaves with a feeling of goodwill and of having been royally entertained on a very special day.

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Celebrity Appearances
What better way to impress your guests than the attendance of a well-known golfer or entertainer at your golf event?

Through our association with such organizations as IMG, SPARKS (Sport Aiding Research for KidS) and a whole range of agencies, OnCourse Golf can call upon a range of celebrities from the world of entertainment, a retired (or active) sports personality, or a star of stage, screen or television, to add a touch of glamour to your golf day.

Few things are more rewarding for an amateur golfer than meeting - and even playing with - a European Tour golfer. To attend a pre- or post-tournament clinic or play a hole with a Tour professional is every amateur’s dream, and will make your golf day one of his or her most exciting and memorable days in golf, even more so for winners who will receive their prize from a star player.

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OnCourse Scoring
VPAR is more than just playing – it’s competing and turning your golf day into a thrilling contest

OnCourse Golf has recently signed up with VPAR to provide the very latest in on course scoring. VPAR’s interactive, game-changing technology provides you with a real time leaderboard as you are playing. Capturing all the excitement and adrenaline of the game on easy-to-use handheld scorepads, you can track your progress, check out the competition, and see what’s happening elsewhere on the course as the game unfolds.

Plus, with VPAR everyone can enjoy the action live online – from colleagues back in the office to family at home, or friends watching the interactive screens in the clubhouse. VPAR is the most exciting and powerful way to get inside the game.

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