Corporate Golf Days
There is no better way to promote a brand than through a day of friendly competition and gentle exercise that comes with a corporate golf day

The ideal way to either entertain your most important and valued customers and clients, or to entertain and attract new ones, a corporate golf day is one in which the accent is on enjoyment, whilst at the same time impressing participants with your company products, services, ethos and reputation, and promoting your brand.

Exposure for the company and the brand comes in many ways, from the initial invitation weeks prior to the event to the leaving gift at the end of the day, with clubhouse signage, on course banners, logoed merchandise, on course photographs, and displays of goods or services, all featuring on the day.

Corporate golf days are also an ideal way to reward hard-working and dedicated employees, and have proved to be incredibly motivating.

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Society Days
The partners of OnCourse Golf have played with, or managed a golf day for almost every golf society in the UAE

There are numerous societies that enjoy the benefits of a golf day - few outings offer such an enjoyable way to get together and share common interests, whether the society is based on nationality, business, culture, or is simply one of the many golfing societies that abound today.

Professional associations will also enjoy and benefit from a society golf day, bring people of a common background and lifestyle together in an atmosphere of friendly competition and healthy activity.

Having managed golf days for almost every golf society in the UAE, as well as for many of the business groups and professional associations, OnCourseGolf is perfectly suited to enter into the spirit of every society day that it manages.

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Charity Golf Days
A charity golf day is a fantastic way to raise funds for a good cause - and create a sense of goodwill and personal satisfaction.

Sponsors will enjoy the day out and benefit from a full day of involvement and exposure; participants will not only have a superb day on the course and at dinner, but will be reminded of the cause throughout, with several enjoyable ways of contributing to the funds.

No one understands the goodwill and satisfaction that can be created by successful fund-raising, both for the host charity and the contributors to the funds. Entrance fees, sponsorship, special events, dinner games, and the most lucrative of all - an auction - can all raise monies for worthy causes.

With the unique experience of organizing such events as the Big 5-0 Golf Tournament in Aid of Charity, Help 4 Heroes Beat the Pro, and the Poppy Day Appeal Golf Day, OnCourse Golf is ready to help in every possible way to ensure the success of your charity golf day.

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Par-3 Events
Even in the summer months, an evening on a Par-3 golf course is a cool experience.

For a shorter, more intimate occasion, a competition or fun event on one of the many Par-3 golf courses in the UAE can give all the advantages of a full golf day, but in less than half the time and at half the cost.

Most of the golf clubs in the UAE have a Par-3 golf course, many of them floodlit for evening enjoyment. From the full length course at Emirates Golf Club to the much shorter virtual pitch and putt course at the Creek, with in-between sized courses at most of the other golf clubs, the range is such that everyone can enjoy a nine hole round of golf, whether as semi-serious competition or purely for fun. - at whatever level: even raw beginners will be able to compete and enjoy their hour's entertainment.

An evening or afternoon on any of the Par-3 courses in the country, followed by a barbecue or buffet on the terrace - or indoors in the summer months - is the perfect scenario for a rewarding and fun experience.

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Holiday Groups
Nothing brings a holiday golf group together more than a bit of friendly rivalry

For groups of holidaymakers, especially those on a golfing holiday, a day's friendly competition will be the highlight of any golf holiday.

Whatever the size of the group, OnCourse Golf will arrange everything that is required for a great day of friendly rivalry and camaraderie among the group. With fun events on the course and a prize-giving lunch or dinner afterwards, a holiday group golf day will bring everyone together for a day to remember.

Some groups may even wish to have a competition on each day of their stay, or a competition combining each day's results for an overall multi-round tournament. OnCourseGolf will arrange everything for you, including transfers of golf clubs from club to club and competition to competition.

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Conferences and Exhibitions
Any conference or exhibition will be raised to another level with a golf day for the delegates or exhibitors

No matter what the conference or exhibition, nothing adds to the attraction of the event than a golf day, either before or after the event.

A golf day before the conference or exhibition brings people together and allows them to get to know each other thus creating a great atmosphere before the serious stuff of the event starts. For a post-conference or exhibition social event, what could be better than a day on the golf course where attendees can relax and enjoy the last day of their get-together.

Whatever the size of the event, and whatever the number of golfers who wish to play, OnCourseGolf will arrange everything form transfers to hire clubs, from clinics to apr├Ęs-golf entertainment.

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There are few things that amateur golfers enjoy more than playing with a professional golfer.

For the more adventurous or serious golf day, the inclusion of Pro-Am tournament, where a professional golfer is allocated to play with each team of guests, ensures both serious competition and added enjoyment for your guests, many of whom may never have played with a professional before.

The United Arab Emirates has some of the best club golf professionals in the world, all with excellent golfing and social skills, and all of whom enjoy playing with amateurs and showing off their skills and teaching ability. They are all more than willing to coach their team members during the round, and to join them for the after-golf entertainment.

Needless to say, a Pro-Am requires a little more advance notice than a normal golf day, and will require the host to offer prize money for the professionals, who will play a strokeplay tournament among themselves at the same time as contributing to their team's scoring.

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Types Of Golf Days